Tace Bayliss is one of the uncredited actresses playing Stass Allie in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Bayliss had directed a twenty-minute movie, Why (1994), which reached the international film festival circuit.

After Episode II, George Lucas himself decided that if an actor portraying a Human or near-Human Jedi was not available for Episode III, that Jedi would be replaced with a different character entirely. Lily Nyamwasa (original Stass Allie actress) thus returned, but when she was not available for pick-up shoots, Lucas broke his own rule and replaced her with not one but two actresses. She was portrayed in hologram form during the second Council scene at Kashyyyk by Tace Bayliss, and in her death scene by Nina Fallon. Nyamwasa was cut entirely, though she continues to be the canon representation of the character, appearing in the Visual Dictionaries, the action figure packaging and in all other media.

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