"The Path of True Enlightenment runs through the Chasm of Perfect Darkness. The way is narrow and treacherous, but if you can follow it, you will find what you seek."
―Tadar'Ro to Luke and Ben Skywalker[src]

Tadar'Ro was a male Aing-Tii who acted as the organization's liaison to Luke and Ben Skywalker in 43.5 ABY. Previously, he had acted in the same capacity with Jorj Car'das and Jacen Solo during their times with the Aing-Tii.

Tadar'Ro hoped that the Skywalkers could help reunite the Aing-Tii, who had formed two different factions in conflict over a prophecy by a Prophet. Tadar'Ro took Luke and Ben into the Embrace, where all Aing-Tii Relics were kept. The Aing-Tii were forbidden to touch these artifacts, but outsiders were not. Tadar'Ro believed that if the Skywalkers touched a certain object, they would be granted with a revelation that would solve the Aing-Tii's problem. The pair found no resolution, however, and left the Aing-Tii homeworld soon after.

He could not speak Basic so he used a translator to talk to Luke Skywalker and Ben Skywalker. He also had a hard time doing some human movements such as nodding his head, but he got better at it while being around Luke for a while. He also always spoke people's full names. For example, instead of saying "Hello Luke." He would say "Hello Luke Skywalker."

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