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"Are you going back for him?"
"Are you kidding? Course we aren't! He's on his own. I only wish he didn't have the salvage on him."
―Meetra Surik and Taepalae[src]

Taepalae was a Human female and the leader of a small group of salvagers on Dantooine.

She met Meetra Surik near the ruined Jedi Enclave after one of her companions, Jorran, had been trapped in a room after they all had been attacked by laigreks, forcing all but Jorran to leave the Enclave.

When Surik rescued Jorran, Taepalae recommended Surik accept a reward the next time she saved someone's life.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Jedi Exile might provoke Taepalae and her companions to a fight by insulting them during the conversation of their first encounter. This results in a dark side shift for the Exile.


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