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The Tagge battlecruiser was a series of warships produced by Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited[1] and fielded during the Galactic Civil War.[3]


The battlecruiser design was dagger-shaped, like the contemporary Star Destroyers and Super Star Destroyers. They were sizable, and eclipsed most regular Star Destroyers in use by the Galactic Empire.[3]


These warships were pledged by the House of Tagge in support of Imperial warships during the Yavin blockade, and were under the command of General Ulric Tagge. The official reason for their deployment, however, was to curb mining strikes in the Gordian Reach.[4] The family patriarch, Orman Tagge, used his brother's position to conduct operations throughout the blockade without the Empire's knowledge, in order to discredit his rival, Darth Vader.[1]

During the Omega Frost fiasco, Tagge's personal battlecruiser was attacked by a fleet of Rebel gunships. The Millennium Falcon got in a precise hit, pierced one of its shields and hit a reserve reactor, forcing the General and his staff to flee in an escape craft.[3]



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