"Morals and ethics. Whatever. I survive. Someday I'll start worrying about right and wrong. But for now, I'll worry about the 5,000 credits you're worth."
―Taggor Bren[src]

Taggor Bren was a bounty hunter who formerly worked with his family on a moisture farm on Tatooine.


His life at home soon ended when a group of Tusken Raiders attacked the farm and took Taggor as one of their own, raising him with the Sand People. When he was old enough, he was marked with a tattoo around his right eye, representing one of the twin suns.

When Taggor was out roaming the desert, he came upon a woman, clearly in trouble. Soon others came, offering food and supplies for the girl. He agreed, but went with them to be sure of what would happen to her. He soon discovered that they were gangsters of Jabba the Hutt. Eventually Taggor moved out to other star systems, becoming a bounty hunter.



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