"Enjoy the bold taste of Socorro's black sands and rugged Killee Wasteland with this well-done slider. We top a blackened patty with four pieces of crispy tailring bacon and the Monnoks' smoky steak sauce."
―Dex's Diner menu, on the Socorro slider[src]

Tailring bacon was a type of bacon used as an ingredient by the Besalisk Dexter Jettster in the preparation of his Socorro sliders, inspired by his time on that world. He sold these sliders in his restaurant, Dex's Diner, on the planet of Coruscant before[1] the establishment's destruction in 19 BBY.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tailring bacon is mentioned in a Hyperspace-exclusive release, Dining at Dex's (2009) by Gregory Walker, which represents the in-universe menu of Dex's Diner. Referenced in a Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game sourcebook entitled The Black Sands of Socorro (1997), tailrings are creatures that do exist in the Star Wars galaxy. Nonetheless, only a nominal connection between them and the bacon is established in Walker's work, but the author said that such references to the West End Games roleplaying game were intentional.[3]


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