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A criminal organization was headed by the crime lord Takara. With headquarters located at Takara's stronghold, the organization rivaled the operation of Ka'Pa the Hutt. Takara's men included his lieutenant Abron Mar, multiple Gran, multiple Trandoshans, and multiple Weequay. Several Gamorreans guarded the stronghold. During the year 10 ABY, Takara's agents stole a Global Communications Transponder from Ka'Pa and took it to the stronghold. Meanwhile, Mar went to spend time on the planet Katraasii.[1]

Ka'Pa eventually enlisted the help of the New Republic Jedi Mara Jade, who in exchange for supplies would hunt down the transponder. Ka'Pa's agents informed Jade that her best link to Takara was Mar, and Jade tracked the lieutenant to Katraasii. However, after a chase through the Katraasii Spaceport, Mar captured Jade and sent her back to the stronghold. The Jedi escaped, however, and killed Takara's rancor. Afterwards, Jade battled Takara's henchmen, recovered the Transponder, and was rescued by Ka'Pa's agents. The transponder was then handed over to the Hutt.[1]


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