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"Listen, Duchess. Do you hear the people? They cry out for change. Your weak-minded rule of Mandalore is at an end. The resurrection of our warrior past is about to begin!"
―Pre Vizsla to Duchess Satine Kryze[src]

During the Clone Wars, the Mandalorian splinter faction Death Watch and Darth Maul's Shadow Collective took over the planet Mandalore, overthrowing the pacifist New Mandalorian government of Duchess Satine Kryze. The plot began from an alliance between Death Watch and the Sith brothers Maul and Savage Opress; Death Watch had been attempting to take over the government for some time, while Maul hoped to create a base of power and find revenge against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Together, Maul and the Death Watch leader, Pre Vizsla, created an army made from various elements of the criminal underworld, including Black Sun, the Hutt Clan, and the Pyke Syndicate, all of whom fell under the banner of the Shadow Collective. To undermine the rule of Duchess Kryze, the criminal army began attacking the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari, creating panic and chaos as the New Mandalorian government was unable to contain the criminal forces. Death Watch arrived under the guise of rescuers, and the people saw them as the ones who saved Mandalore from attack.

After the successful execution of their plan, Vizsla dethroned the Duchess and replaced her as leader of Mandalore. His ambitions, however, saw him betray the Sith and imprison them. While in prison, Maul allied himself with former Prime Minister Almec, who had been imprisoned on corruption charges. The Sith broke free from prison, and Maul challenged Vizsla to a leadership duel. Vizsla accepted, and the two fought throughout the Sundari throne room. Maul emerged victorious, killing Vizsla and taking his place as the leader of Death Watch. Maul installed Almec as Prime Minister to serve as a puppet ruler, keeping his presence a secret. Some Death Watch forces refused to bow to Maul, however, leading to open conflict amongst Death Watch.

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