Takook was a male Wookiee living in Kachirho on the planet Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War. In circa 1 ABY, Takook went on a hunting trip to the Rryatt Trail with his father Chatook's Kashyyyk bladestick and his friend Lobarorr. However, Lobarorr, wanting the bladestick for himself, mortally wounded Takook, stole the bladestick, and fled into Kashyyyk's Shadowlands. Before Takook died, the young Wookiee recorded a final message on his datapad, telling how Lobarorr killed him and requesting that whoever found this recording would return the bladestick to Chatook. A spacer—hired by a concerned Chatook—soon found Takook's corpse and the recording, and the spacer went on to kill Lobarorr and retrieve the bladestick for Chatook.


The son of the Chatook, Takook was a young male Wookiee who lived in the city of Kachirho on the planet of Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War. Around 1 ABY, sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Takook borrowed Chatook's spear, Kashyyyk bladestick, and went on a hunting trip to the Rryatt Trail with his friend Lobarorr. During their trek, however, Lobarorr became increasingly jealous of the bladestick, and in a fit of rage, lashed out at Takook. Mortally wounding Takook, Lobarorr left his friend lying in the middle of the trail and stole the bladestick, fleeing into the Shadowlands.


Takook's corpse

Before dying, Takook recorded a final message on his datapad, describing the circumstances over his death. He explained how Chatook killed him out of jealousy over the spear and was likely hiding in the Shadowlands. Takook also requested that whoever found his message should find and return the bladestick to his father.

Not long after Takook's disappearance, Chatook became worried after neither his son nor Lobarorr had returned to Kachirho, so he hired a visiting spacer to discover what had happened to them. The spacer discovered Takook's corpse and the datapad lying in the middle of the Rryatt Trail where Lobarorr had left them. The spacer decided to honor the Takook's last request and headed off toward the Rryatt Trail to find Lobarorr. The spacer retrieved the spear and returned it to Chatook. Surprised at the spacers honorable handling of events, he thanked the spacer for avenging the death of his son, and paid them 2,500 credits and rewarded the spacer with a replica of the spear, known as the Kashyyyk Bladestick. Chatook then requested to be left alone to grieve for his son, which the spacer dutifully fulfilled.

Behind the scenesEdit

Takook is a non-playable character in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. He, along with the planet Kashyyyk, were added to the game in 2005 with the Rage of the Wookiees expansion pack.

Takook is never seen alive in-game, as only his corpse is found when the player finally locates him. However, he can also be seen in the recording on the datapad he left behind.