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"They'll soon be dust!"
―Tal Ashen — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Tal Ashen served in the Imperial Army as a general during the Galactic Civil War.


Emperor Palpatine hand-picked Ashen to command the elite defense force of the Imperial Palace. When the New Republic launched its assault on Coruscant in 6.5 ABY, Ashen's ability to defend the Palace was challenged.

Despite several All Terrain Armored Transports, a legion of the Emperor's finest troops, a squad of Royal Guards, advanced starfighter support and a series of defensive positions, Tal was defeated by the New Republic forces led by Rand Talor.


General Ashen defending the Imperial Palace on his AT-AT together with Phase II dark troopers.

During the battle, Ashen's All Terrain Armored Transport was brought to the ground. Somehow, he climbed out ready to fight on the ground, but was soon killed on the street.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ashen's portrait in the game interface is actually a photograph of Firmus Piett.