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Tal Feint was a male Muun Force Adept who worked as a private investigator during the Galactic Civil War.


Tal Feint was a Force-sensitive investigator, concealing his skills with the Force as he worked on Nar Shaddaa. Hired by Zeto, a Human frustrated by the strong of podracing wins by Dooarix Gyll, Feint watched Gyll and his companion, Lisali Mitillan, for six weeks and recognized Mitillan as a spotter but couldn't figure out how they were communicating.[1]

After their fifth win in six weeks, Zeto escorted Feint to Gyll and Mitillan's stall where Feint interrogated the pair. When Zeto interrupted Feint with a wish of violence against the two racers, Feint watched as Mitillan used the Force to throw Zeto against a wall. Geist used his own power of persuasion to send his employer's hired hands away and offered to help Gyll and Mitillan use their Force skills for things greater then fixing races.[1]


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