Talek Var was a scout cadet leader training with the New Republic's Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services. During the scout's six-month training mission, Var and his cadets, along with their veteran instructors, discovered a real Imperial hidden base. The training missions were carefully crafted simulations to test the prospective scouts, although the cadets believed that the mission was the real thing. One of the tests, a "Hostile World" test was used to evaluate the cadet's stealth and subterfuge skills by sneaking in and assessing the fighting strength, technology levels, and prospective threat to the New Republic. However, when three of the trainees were wounded by hostile fire from the decidedly real Imperial base, Var fled while the veteran scouts attempted to salvage the situation.

Var returned, flying his small scout vessel into the Imperial base as a manned missile, causing the deaths of eighty percent of the Imperial forces, and causing the rest to scatter. The surviving cadets and veterans were rescued by a New Republic starship picked up the signal from their survival beacon. Var had the honor of being the youngest scout ever inducted into the Nova Core Scout "Hall of Fame," as well as the first New Republic scout to be given the honor posthumously.


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