Talilia Weden was a Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic.


A Force-sensitive, Talilia Weden was instructed in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order and eventually passed the Trials of Knighthood. Accepting missions from the Jedi High Council, Weden was active during the Separatist Crisis, a time of strife and conflict between the Galactic Republic and the growing Confederacy of Independent Systems.[1]

When the Moulee-rah Patogga was impounded at a Xizor Transport Systems refueling station on the planet Karnst, Crew Chief Asador Leen of XTS contacted Republic Judicial Forces after suspecting that the light freighter was carrying illegal substances. With the Judiciaries ready to depart Coruscant, the High Council assigned Weden to accompany them and ensure a smooth boarding of the ship. Upon arrival, Weden led her team aboard the ship and discovered 3.5 million credits worth of illegal ryll spice. Arresting Captain Barada Rakul and his crew of five, it was quickly determined they were not aware of their illicit cargo.[1]

After the owners of the freighter, the Besadii Hutt clan, were notified of the discovery, the other clans began to voice their opinions. Blaming each other for the cargo's transport, the Besadii insisted that the freighter actually belonged to the Desilijic clan and that they had planted the spice to create bad blood between the Republic and the Besadii.[1]


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