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My DVR description of this episode says this: "Rex fights back as General Pong Krell begins executing his men for disobeying orders." 02:28, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

  • Hmm. Which TV cable service do you use? CC7567 (talk) 03:10, November 4, 2011 (UTC)
    • This: I can't add a link so that is the website. 17:12, November 4, 2011 (UTC)
    • There's actually a similar description up on the TV Guide TCW site: "Rex stands up for his men, who face execution for disobeying Pong Krell." DigiFluid 17:40, November 4, 2011 (UTC)
      • My only objection to adding this info would be that TV Guide isn't a source affiliated with Lucasfilm (or a specific TV network provider that would have that official info), so it can't necessarily be treated as official info until a proper source prints it. That summary is probably correct, but we should wait for a proper source to say so. CC7567 (talk) 00:38, November 5, 2011 (UTC)
        • Your call, but reporting on TV is kind of TV Guide's entire reason for existence. And on top of that it would only be temporary until the episode airs; just a placeholder really. But I'm content to wait, so whatever ;) DigiFluid 14:23, November 9, 2011 (UTC)

CN preview on the network confirms men are to be executed. The TV guide thing was almost certainly right. Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).

Courts Martial for ClonesEdit

How exactly would Krell's aborted threat of court martial have worked? Are there JAG clones? NCIS/CID clones? What about a UCMJ for the clones? Would they fly in non-clone JAG and investigative personnel? Unsigned comment by (talk • contribs).

  • You're not the only one confused with TCW's writing. However, please adhere to the {{Talkheader}} template listed on the top of the page. JangFett (Talk) 00:54, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

Appo Edit

Where did Appo appear in this episode? because I only saw him in the flashbacks.-- 17:22, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

According to the Episode Guide on, Appo is the clone who reports about the sabotaged transmitter and the arriving Umbarans. Nahdar Vebb 17:38, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

ok, but where is that in the episode guide, because it only has the videos and images from the episode. -- 17:55, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

  • At least, in the slideshow, image number 3 has a caption saying "Rex, Sergeant Appo and several other clones release the prisoners from the brig to be executed." 1358 (Talk) 17:58, November 20, 2011 (UTC)
    • Actually, I meant number 18. On image number 3, Appo is nowhere to be seen. Nahdar Vebb 19:00, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

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