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  • Is her name pronounced "Selly" or "Chelly" or "Kelly"? 21:48, December 1, 2010 (UTC)a little Leia-crazy Star Wars fan

Pre-nom review Edit

LelalMekha has requested that I give this article a copy-edit and a pre-nom review.


  • "House of Organa, one of the most popular and famous noble families of the galaxy": "Popular" is POV unless explicitly stated by the source.
  • "When she finished school, she was sent to a débutante ball on Coruscant,<ref name="COTJnote">In Children of the Jedi, the presentation of young noblewomen to the Court was said to be "customary among the old Houses." Furthermore, Leia Organa's aunts were appalled when she refused to participate until she could do so as a Senator in her own right, which indicates they had complied with the custom themselves.</ref>": Does any source explicitly say that Celly participated in a debutante? If all we have to go by is the information in the reference, then I don't think there's enough information to draw the conclusion that she did this.
  • The "Helping the refugees" quote should link directly to the article on the HNN website as the source, not our article on the issue.
  • "The attempt at bridling their adopted niece was only relatively successful": Relative to what?
  • "Many years later, Leia Organa would remember that private conversation when she met again with Roganda Ismaren, a former Imperial concubine.": This belongs in the Legacy section, to keep things in chronological order.
  • "Years before, she had snuck out with Raal Panteer under the cover of the night to swim in the reflecting pools of Aldera, and they had exchanged their first kiss. That night, the Princess had been afraid that one of her aunts would catch them in the act, but Celly and her siblings never knew.": This, I think, can stay where it's at, but try to rephrase it to be more about Celly and less about Leia (e.g. "Celly and her siblings were unaware that years before, she had..." or something like that).
    • "That night, the Princess had been afraid that one of her aunts would catch them in the act, but Celly, Rouge and Tia never knew." Consider dropping this entire sentence; the first part purely deals with Leia, and the second part is redundant to the beginning of the previous sentence. —MJ— Council Chambers 20:02, February 9, 2013 (UTC)
  • Death: Captive to Evil is not a source for the death of Celly and her sisters. When Leia says "My father, my best friend Winter, my aunts, my teachers, my friends.", she does not know for certain that these people are dead, but is only listing people who she thinks were killed; this is evidenced by the fact that Winter is very much alive later in canon. Either find another source for her death or remove it altogether.

Non-objection notesEdit

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  • Likewise, use the proper &hellip; for an ellipsis instead of ....


Otherwise, the article looks good. Let me know if you have any questions. —MJ— Council Chambers 03:34, February 9, 2013 (UTC)

I believe this is ready to nominate now. —MJ— Jedi Council Chambers 22:43, February 12, 2013 (UTC)