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Energy spider Edit

Energy spiders or spice spiders were arachnids that inhabited the spice mines of Kessel. They lived in complete darkness inside the mine's caves spinning webs made of glitterstim, a rare kind of spice. The spiders would shoot webbing from their mouths to capture prey, impale them and then quickly suck the life energy from them. They were one of the many threats faced by the spice miners, especially those who wandered too deep into the caves where the spiders lived. When Han Solo was a prisoner in Kessel, he had to go to a mission to find the creature that already ate many miners. Chewbacca, Kyp Durron,Han, one prisonguard and Boss Roke went to this mission. Only Han, Chewbacca and Kyp Durron ecaped. the others got eaten by the energy spider. Later Skynxnex got eaten by it too.

When fed ryll, the energy spiders would produce glitteryll and grow to large sizes.

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Star Wars: Purge (Mentioned only)

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption (Mentioned only)

Jedi Search (First appearance)

Champions of the Force

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Energy spider Feeding Habits Edit

I'm about halfway through Outcast right now, and I remeber hearing that Energy Spiders fed off of bogeys Unfortunately I don't have the book (I bought the audiobook) so If anyone could add that info in, that would be great. Kal Rayce 05:45, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

I have added some information about an additional energy spider subspecies discovered in Outcast (novel). From what I've read, there is no mention of the spiders feeding off of bogeys, but there is some interaction between the two that may have led you to believe that. I am yet to finish the book, so it may still be possible, however unlikely. I welcome anyone else with further information that I may have missed. Vince 11:05, 01 April 2009

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