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Two Super Star Destroyers at Endor?Edit

This and some related articles claim the Super Star Destroyer, on which Admiral Piett is stationed when the first Death Star superlaser is fired, is the Executor, naming the movie Return of the Jedi as reference. In Tom Angleberger's junior novelisation this ship is identified as the Eclipse though. I know the Executor is identified to be the ship which is destroyed later during the battle with Arvel Crynyd ramming into the bridge where Piett can be found by then. This certainly creates confusion, but do we have a source stating it to be the Executor in the first scene, creating a contradiction? KnightOfRen (talk) 12:16, October 4, 2015 (UTC)

Wimpy shielding? Edit

Why the hell is the Executor's shielding system so delicate in the new canon! Right after Ackbar orders all fire to be concentrated at the executor, instead of anything brought down by capital ship fire, all we see are a squad of a wings firing at one of the domes, and just like that, the entire bridge is unshielded. In Legends, this was explained by saying that the capital ship fire poked enough of a hole in the main shielding for the a-wings to get through and destroy the bridge shielding, but this explanation is moot in the new canon.

I really want to believe that that explanation still remains valid for disney's canon, but until it's stated outright, it's just speculation. *nerdrage*

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Someone has vandalized the search page result for the Executor. I'm not sure how to report it.

This is what it shows.

Executor This ship rammed into your moms vagina last night, she's fat as fuck so the Executor was good enough. One of the largest and most powerful Imperial vessels ever created, the Executor was 19,000 meters long, eclipsing its escorting Imperial-class… Unsigned comment by 2607:FEA8:F420:5B2:AC:4D93:164:5196 (talk • contribs).

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Sidious' chamber Edit

In the Description Section, should there be a subsection for the observation chamber Sidious summoned Vader to in Darth Vader 20: End of Games, Part I? As we saw no throne I don't think it would qualify for being classified as a throne room.(Professor Ambrius (talk) 21:05, January 26, 2018 (UTC))

Executor armamentEdit

The source cited for "over 5000 turbolasers and ion cannons" is the online encyclopaedia - but Lucasfilm has taken it down - so it's only available via the Wayback Machine.

Shouldn't more recent - post Newcanon Announcement sources, take precedence?

Ultimate Star Wars gives "more than 1,000 weapons, including turbolasers, ion cannons, and concussion missile tubes" as the figure (page 304).

This is fairly consistent with the Legends figures, assuming that "fire-linked into groups of 8" is an alternative way of describing a single weapon - an octet turret like those on the ISD-II.

Doing it that way, produces 250 octet heavy turbolasers, 250 octet "regular" turbolasers, 250 ion cannons, 250 concussion missile tubes, 500 point defence lasers, 40 tractor beam projectors - 1540 weapons total (a tractor beam projector counting as a nonlethal weapon)

Putting each concussion missile tube, each octet turbolaser, each octet heavy turbolaser and each ion cannon into a single "blister" allows 1000 blisters.

Which is fairly consistent with Star Wars Technical Commentaries's estimate of at least 942 (assuming symmetry) blisters on the Executor model.

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Misleading link Edit

The Executor link in "Status Articles" section of navigation panel misleads here, while canon Executor is neither featured nor status article at all. Please correct this. --С уважением, Starit (обс) 06:26, April 26, 2018 (UTC)