Are the Kashi Mer dynasty humans or aliens?JustinGann 02:42, 8 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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Isn't Kashi a cereal? - Bub


How was Xendor from Kashi if he was born 500 years after it went supernova? --Bredd13 (I am not logged on)

  • Yes, this question has been bugging me as well. I've made an entry about it in the Knowledge Bank, but it went unheard. I'll repost it here:

All sources clearly say that the Kashi system was destroyed in 25,000 BBY, the same approximate time of the Jedi Order's beginning. Yet Xendor, who lived 500 years later, came from Kashi before it was destroyed. Xendor was human, so he wouldn't have had extraordinary longevity. Was is perhaps destroyed closer to 24,500 BBY, around the time of the First Great Schism?

An official retcon from Lucas Film to clear this up would be nice. At the very least, I think the discrepancy should be brought to our attention on all related pages, such as the Kashi page, the Kashi Mer page, Xendor's page, etc.

  • Could you define what are the "all sources" that clearly say Kashi was destroyed in 25,000 BBY? All I find is the mention in "Relic" that the star went supernova for unknown reasons "shortly after the formation of the Old Republic". I have all the sources mentioned in the Kashi article, and I'm not finding anything more specific on when Kashi was destroyed. We don't know whether "shortly after" means one year or 500 years after the foundation, if from the perspective of 25,000 years later. We also don't know whether this is referring to the original foundation of the Old Republic in 25,000 BBY, or the formation of the most recent incarnation of the Old Republic in 1000 BBY. The Kashi star could have gone supernova in 998 BBY and still be "shortly after the formation of the Old Republic".

Further, Kashi is shown on the map in The Essential Atlas, p. 119, "Origins of the Jedi and other mystic traditions in the young Republic, c. 25,000 to 22,000 BBY" as the source of the Kashi Mer Mystics. The title of the map indicates that Kashi was important in this period, not destroyed in the first year of the 3000 year period it covers. Between this, the reference to Kashi existing c. 4000 BBY in TOTJ Companion, and the Kashi Xendor dying in the Battle of Columus, c. 24,500 BBY (Jedi vs. Sith, p. 125), unless he was more than 500 years old at his death, we have three sources that indicate Kashi was not destroyed in 25,000. If we take the meaning of the 1000 BBY foundation of the Old Republic, then TOTJ Companion doesn't even contradict "Relic".