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As I recall. there were no Proton Torpedoes in Cat and Mouse, those were just standard and tracking Torpedoes used by The Stealth Ship and the Invincible. As they never used the term "Proton" and the missiles did not resemble Proton Torpedoes in any way. If anything those were Concussion Missiles. Maybe a page should be made about those "Standard" Torpedoes. Unsigned comment by Kh259006424 (talk • contribs).

  • The Cat and Mouse Episode Gallery on the official SW website states that proton torpedoes were used by the stealth ship (slide 11). That's the only reason I added the appearance in! --WilkZnika (talk) 03:45, September 6, 2015 (UTC)

Ok so explain the differences

Here is how I see it. Proton Torpedoes are the Magenta/Red Glowing Projectiles used to Destroy Malevolence's Ion Cannon and the Thermal Exhaust Port of the Death Star. The ones seen in Cat and Mouse don't glow and resemble basic missiles. In that case every Missile in Star Wars is a Proton Weapon. Concussion Missiles are a likely candidate.

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