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Brett Douville referenceEdit

Information was added based on the following quote. No idea how to reference this properly as it's been a while since I was editing regularly :(

"Sev was indeed alive and well in our hearts. :)
Unfortunately, the LucasArts I knew "rebooted" around the time we were finishing SWRC -- through the last few months of the project, groups of people would be laid off as planned (with generous severance packages, to be fair), and we'd say goodbye to a group of people we had worked with for months or years as we turned to continue finishing the game (mostly getting it through QA and cert). There's no telling whether a sequel would have gotten made, because projections for sales of SWRC were very low (and it outsold expectations considerably, which makes you wonder how it might have done had it had real marketing muscle behind it).
So, now it can be told. Our plan had been to do a sequel called "Rebel Commando," where the central idea was that "a Rebellion starts with one man," and that one man was Sev. (We had discarded another scenario where Delta Squad was active in hunting down Jedis.) There was some key art we had done as part of the pitch which showed the silhouette of Sev walking away from his discarded clone trooper helmet. But in addition to building on the squad mechanics, the story would have focused on how the Rebellion got its start.
―Brett Douville

Taken from Manoof (talk) 06:27, November 27, 2014 (UTC)