The talking bomb

The talking bomb, also referred to as "something elses" was an explosive device created by the Ugnaughts. As indicated by the name, their primary feature involved a small turntable device made out of scraps containing audio parts that they saved from the disposal room on Cloud City. The bombs themselves, however, were the size of a small room.

The talking bomb was quite intelligent for such a small component and even had a dry sense of humor and a bit of attitude.

When the Galactic Empire took over Cloud City shortly after the Battle of Hoth, a talking bomb was left by revolting Ugnaughts to take out some of the Imperial forces.

Sergeant Vollot and his squad of bombtroopers were tricked by the talking bomb into detonating it, thus killing themselves, with the force of the explosion being strong enough to temporarily destabilize the floating city.

At least twelve had been planted throughout Cloud City, including the one listed above.

Behind the scenesEdit

The talking bomb was created by David Michelinie, Walter Simonson and Tom Palmer.