Tallet was a scarred Quarren from the planet Mon Calamari.


An underworld contact and friend of Senator Tikkes, Tallet's illegal dealings with the Hutts was exposed and reported by the Senator to avoid any implication that could smear his political career.

As the Galactic Republic authorities, led by a Jedi, bore down on the Heurkea Floating City, Tallet and his egg-mate Lekket fled the scene. In the ensuing firefight, the Jedi deflected a blaster bolt into a fuel cell, searing the flesh of Tallet's upper torso. Lekket brought her egg-mate to Balmorra, where a team of Colicoid scientists were paid to restore as much of Tallet's charred body as possible.

The Quarren criminals hid on the mountainous world of Talas until they were able to identify the Jedi they held responsible for Tallet's disfigurement as the Dark Woman. The pair hired bounty hunter Aurra Sing to hunt and kill both Tikkes and the Dark Woman in 30 BBY.



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