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"How many of these things do you think you blasted?"
"Thousands maybe. Probably tens of thousands. I didn't keep track like some of the boys did.
CT-7567 and Garazeb Orrelios[src]
Kix rex

Captain CT-7567 "Rex" was one of the many troopers to possess tally marks

Tally marks or tallies were a way of marking a number for several things. During the Clone Wars, several clone troopers bore tally marks on their helmet to signify their kills. Captains CT-7567 "Rex"[1] and CC-5576-39 "Gregor"[2] were some clone officers that possessed tallys, but Rex stated he didn't keep track.[3] Other troopers that had tallies included "Waxer"[4] and "Buzz".[5] Rey also used tallies to mark how many days went by before her parents returned.[6] The Rebel Alliance ship, the Ghost, had tally marks of how many TIE Fighters they had shot down.[7]


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