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Talon 1 of Talon Squadron

Talon 1 was the designation of the lead starfighter of Talon Squadron, a New Republic T-65 X-wing starfighter squadron, and was flown by Brevet Captain Myn Donos.


Talon Squadron was a New Republic starfighter squadron formed shortly after the Battle of Thyferra. It was commanded by Brevet Captain Myn Donos, who flew the X-wing designated Talon 1.

Due to false information given by an Imperial saboteur, Talon Squadron was defeated during an ambush at Gravan Seven, with all members lost except Talon 1. Due to such heavy losses, Talon Squadron was decommissioned by the New Republic.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the WizKids' game, Star Wars PocketModel TCG: Base Set, Talon 1 appears as a representation of Talon Squadron in the Imperial Power-up Pack promotional release.