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"Talon Leader to Talon Eight, any change?"
"No, sir. He's not broadcasting. As far as I can tell, he's not homing in on any sort of a signal. And I'm still not picking up any engine emissions, other than his or ours, on the scanners.""
Myn Donos and "Talon Eight" discussing a lone TIE Interceptor.[src]

"Talon Eight" was the call sign of the pilot who flew an X-wing starfighter for the New Republic Starfighter Command as part of Talon Squadron. "Talon Eight" served as the communications specialist for the squadron.

During a simple of mission of following a lone TIE Interceptor on a New Republic controlled system, Talon Squadron was ambushed at the planet Gravan Seven by numerically superior forces belonging to Warlord Zsinj. Talon Eight was killed by the initial volley of lasers.