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"Talon Twelve, dive for the surface. Trench Run Defense. Omega Signal. Acknowledge."
"Omega Signal understood. Diving.""
Myn Donos and "Talon Twelve" after being ambushed.[src]

"Talon Twelve" was a female pilot who flew an X-wing starfighter for the New Republic Starfighter Command as part of Talon Squadron.

During a simple of mission of following a lone TIE Interceptor on a New Republic controlled system, Talon Squadron was ambushed by numerically superior forces belonging to Warlord Zsinj. "Talon Twelve" and Brevet Captain Myn Donos were the only survivors of the initial volley of lasers. She was pursued by a dozen TIE Fighters and suffered minor damages. The TIE Interceptor they were pursuing, which Donos learned was part of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group, suddenly returned just as they were about to retreat. Her starfighter's engines were badly damaged by the Interceptor's laser strikes and was ordered to eject by Donos. The canopy of her fighter refused to give way and she found herself slammed into it by her ejection seat. When the canopy finally gave way, she was unconscious and soon killed when she was ejected into a rift wall.


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