Talos was a major spaceport on the planet of Atzerri.


The city was located near an ocean and its airways were patrolled by the Atzerri Air Traffic Control.[1]

Jango and Boba Fett once visited Talos on a mission to kill a man who had inside knowledge of the secret cloning program on Kamino.[1]

Within the Revels, an entertainment complex in Talos, was a themed restaurant and bar that replicated Jabba's Palace, aptly named "Jabba's Throne Room". It included an actor playing Bib Fortuna, waitresses dressed as slave girls, a copy of Han Solo encased in carbonite, and an unconvincing Chewbacca being taken to the "dungeon". Luke Skywalker, upon seeing this realized that his adventures had become marketed to the public for profits.

Other areas of the city included Trader's Plaza, Pemblehov District, and Talos Port Medicomplex.



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