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"We know who you are Posla. Milvayne's most celebrated lawman. Gone rogue when the Imperials wouldn't let you do your job."
―Rebel officer Bini contemplating Posla's past during his visit to the rebel flight school[src]

Tam Posla was an interstellar lawman representing the Milvayne Authority who investigated claims of kidnapping, forced servitude, and surgical alteration of victims from the desert moon of Jedha, which resembled a rash of crimes on Milvayne attributed to a pair of visiting spacers using the suspected aliases of "Roofoo" and "Sawkee", who were really Doctor Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba. Though taken off the case by his superior officer, Posla voyaged well beyond his jurisdiction and, determined to bring the criminals to justice, became a bounty hunter.

Posla was unable to catch the culprits and took jobs to pay for a his hunt for them. He joined a crew of mercenaries led by Chelli Lona Aphra and they endured a search for the memories of her superior, 0-0-0. During the search, they captured the rebel General Hera Syndulla and used her as bait to get into the R&D headquarters of the Tarkin Initiative, Hivebase-1. Their mission was successful but Aphra betrayed Posla after in order to get her love interest off a rebel ship. Posla swore to cut her heart out slowly but, until then, continued his hunt for Evazan.


On Vandor-1Edit

During 10 BBY, Tam Posla was at The Lodge on Vandor-1. There he spectated a game of Sabacc between Lando Calrissian and several others. During the game, a human named Han Solo entered the room and took a seat near to Posla. Solo joined the game and began beating Calrissian and the other players. Posla was among those who cheered every time the man raked in more money. However Solo was soon beaten by Calrissian after the man cheated and slipped a card out of his sleeve to form a winning hand.[4]

Hunt for Dr. EvazanEdit

"We missed him by seconds. We had to evac when the Imperials used some hellish new device to destroy the city…"
―Tam Posla, recounting the events on Jedha[src]

Tam Posla was a lawman of the Milvayne Authority, a law enforcement agency based on Milvayne. He worked on a case involving a series of crimes on Milvayne including kidnapping, forced servitude and surgical alteration, all thought to have been carried out by a pair of visitors to the world using the aliases Roofoo and Sawkee; in reality the criminals Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba.[1] Evazan was nicknamed the Mutilator of Milvayne.[5]

Posla was taken off the case by his superior officer but learned of a similar string of crimes taking place in the streets of Jedha City on the moon Jedha. Determined to bring justice to the pair, Posla traveled well outside his jurisdiction[1] and his superior officer had his badge taken from him, saying he had no sanction to do it. But he was too attached to the case to give up[2] and became a bounty hunter in order to track the duo down on Jedha.[1] When at Jedha, he met one of Evazan's cyborg prototypes, Caysin Bog, in the midst of chaos as the Galactic Empire's new project loomed over Jedha City. Posla missed Evazan by seconds and he and Caysin were forced to evacuate before Jedha city was destroyed.[2]

Working for AphraEdit

"Tam Posla. A former Milvayne cop. Threw down the lawbook to go chase an unhinged psycho. Now well on his way to becoming one. Doing merc work to fund the hunt"
Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra describing Tam Posla upon meeting him[src]
Aphras crew

Poslo along with the rest of the mercenaries hired by the Son-tuul Pride

Posla eventually got into a relationship with Bog and some time later, they joined a crew of mercenaries led by the archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra. The team comprised of: a cyborg mercenary called Rexa Go; an Alderaanian called Rabael Dir Glorio; a Skakoan called Hallio Bas; a 1st generation Droideka called Dek-Nil; a former Isopter death cult member called Sister Six; and a female Defel named Glahst Ombra. The crew was hired by the Son-tuul Pride, which had recently come under the control of 0-0-0 and BT-1, and were tasked with to finding information about 0-0-0's origins in the Techno Union. Before they left for their mission, 0-0-0 ordered that one was to be left behind. Aphra chose Glorio and he was left to face the Imperial forces that soon arrived as the landing area.[3]

Mission to Skako MinorEdit

"Shouldn't we at least try to save that doctor lady?"
"Why? She's a criminal. It's off-mission. That monster's broken no law"
―Tam Posla refuses to help rescue Aphra[src]

The crew began by searching on Skako Minor and eventually got to the entrance of the abandoned facility, where a dozen stormtroopers waited to arrest them. Hallio revealed himself to have turned them in and demanded his side of the deal, which the Imperial officer refused. Aphra however offered Hallio a Tooka she had with her and, without realising it was explosive, Hallio accepted it. Aphra recited a code word which detonated the Tooka, killing Hallio the majority of the stormtroopers.[3]

Aphra opened the large box Rexa was carrying, which Posla and the others assumed carried booze. However it carried sixty more shrink frozen Tookas, one of which Aphra took out as a replacement to the one she detonated. A surviving stormtrooper attempted to run from them and Posla and Bog refused to chase it as they hadn't broken any Imperial law. Although Glahst attacked the stormtrooper as it entered the tree line. The team entered the abandoned facility and found a room full of machines and artefacts. They searched the place and Caysin attempted to touch one of the artefacts before being told not to by Aphra.[3]

Chthonic worm god

The Chthonic worm god attacking Posla and the others

Their search was soon disrupted by a Delta-class T-3c shuttle which flew in through the roof and landed a squad of stormtroopers led by Lieutenant-Inspector Magna Tolvan. The stormtroopers open fired on Aphra's crew and the mercenaries took cover. Both sides were suddenly interrupted as the large cyborg machine in the middle of the room, called the Chthonic worm god, had suddenly awoken. It began attacking them all, killing a few stormtroopers in the process and Aphra asked Bog to use his bayonet to stab at it. But Posla stopped him saying it was not part of their contract. Aphra threw the second Tooka at the Worm God and detonated it with the code word, briefly stopping the beast from attacking. It then chased Aphra and Tolvan and trapped them in a small.[6]

With the beast distracted, Rexa opened fired at it with her heavy machine gun. The other members of the team considered saving Aphra but Posla reminded them it was not part of their contract. But then Sister Six pointed out to Posla that the Worm God had left Bog lying lifeless behind them. Posla reacted to this by mobilising his cybernetic missile launchers and launched a number of rockets at the beast. Dek then shot a hole in the Worm God's skin and it's fluid fell on one of the surviving stormtroopers. The confused trooper shot with his rocket launcher at the Worm God and killed the beast. After defeating the Worm God, the team continued looting the place. Rexa found Aphra with Tolvan, who Aphra had kissed minutes before, and Aphra killed Rexa to save Tolvan. They then finished looting and left but Posla wondered there Rexa was. Aphra said it didn't matter and they left Skako Minor with rough information on 0-0-0's origins.[6]

Capturing Hera SyndullaEdit

Tam Posla: "I thought our plan was honorable!"
Caysin Bog: "We wanted to tell you. It's just…you can be a bit…pompous, dear…and you do so enjoy being in charge. The doctor thought you'd be happier this way"
Tam Posla: "You're all vile! You're all filth! I quit!"
Chelli Lona Aphra: "Rightio. Enjoy the reinforcements. Retracting the ramp"
―Tam Posla is angered at the fact he wasn't told the plan[src]

The rebel flight school

The next key to finding 0-0-0's past was his memories which were stored in Hivebase-1 the R&D hub of the Tarkin Initiative. Aphra took Posla and the others went to the Alliance's flight school (a re-purposed Lucrehulk-class battleship) where General Hera Syndulla was training Rebel pilots. Shortly after they landed on the ship, Ombra slipped away as they left the hanger. They were greeted by Rebel officer Bini, who assumed they were signing up for the Alliance. However, Posla made it clear to him and Syndulla that they weren't signing up and he attempted to make an proposal to Syndulla. Realizing they were mercenaries, she had them arrested and put them into cells.[7]

Meanwhile, Ombra was roaming the ships vents and came back to them in their cells. When arriving at Aphra's cell Ombra revealed herself to be Magna Tolvan in the Defel's skin. Aphra was horrified to think she would skin Ombra, and protested the idea of it to her. Tolvan then pointed her gun at Aphra before Dek, who was on low power before, sprung to life and shocked her. Tolvan shot her blaster, hitting shield generator detaining them and freeing the band of mercenaries. This sounded the alarms but Posla and the others stayed put as they didn't want to ruin the plan by angering the rebels.[7]

Syndulla acknowledged their act and offered them to leave on their ship. But Aphra, Posla and Bog began explaining to her that they knew how to get into Hivebase-1 and that all they needed was their help. Syndulla was willing to listen to this but when Posla was about to explain it, Bog launched six blasters out of his compartment. The blasters were caught by Sister Six who stunned all of the rebels in the room in a matter of seconds. Posla, not knowing this was going to happen, was confused to what they were doing but soon realized they were kidnapping Syndulla. He furious about this as he thought their plan would be more honorable than this. Bog tried to explain why they didn't tell him but he refused to show any positivity for Aphra's plan and she almost left him behind as rebel reinforcements closed in.[7]

Infiltrating Hivebase-1Edit

"Posla. I need you to do that crazy explodo thing you do"
"Negative. These are innocent victims of experimentation. They've broken no law"
―Tam Posla refuses Aphra's request for him to use his weapons on the prototypes

As they flew out of the flight school Aphra almost immediately got to the next part of their plan: She borrowed a transmitter from the others and used it to contact an Imperial officer from Hivebase-1, asking for his superior. When the man asked her business with his superior Aphra claimed she wanted to make a trade with Syndulla.[7] On the way to Hivebase-1, Aphra repaired Bog's diagnostics, which had been damaged from their encounter with the beast on Skako Minor. What Aphra was actually doing though was installing orders into Bog's brain in case Posla refused to fight again. Whilst tinkering with Bog's wiring, Aphra complemented the work of Doctor Cornelius Evazan. Posla scowled at her comment and explained the story of how he tracked Evazan to Jedha and met Bog.[2]


Aphra's crew approaching Hivebase-1

Posla and the other arrived at Hivebase-1 where the Imperial officer confirmed their trade with Syndulla and gave them specific directions to enter their base over the comms. Aphra then revealed to Syndulla that her tracker—on her general plaque—had been reactivated. Subsequently, the flight school arrived in the system found itself overwhelmed by the acidic fauna. It caused the Hivebase-1 personnel to forget about Aphra and focus on the arriving rebels. During the chaos, Aphra sneaked their ship into one of Hivebase-1's hangers and they began searching the place. They entered a room full of frozen prototypes which had been rejected before they could be produced. As they searched around, Aphra got news that the bridge of the rebel flight school had been commandeered by Magna Tolvan and Aphra got onto the comm to convince her not to mess their plan up. Tolvan therefore spared the flight school but in doing so, she revealed that Aphra and the others were in Hivebase-1.[2]

Tam Posla badass

Tam Posla facing off with the rejected prototypes

Posla and the others soon realized that the rejected prototypes were being unfrozen and they took cover as they open fired at them, disabling Dek-Nil. Aphra demanded that Posla use his cybernetic weapons to help them but he refused, once again saying that the enemy had done nothing wrong. That's when Aphra ordered them back to their ship and she used the commands she had put into Bog. This made the cyborg advance towards to prototypes, being gunned down in the process. Both shocked and furious, Posla revealed the weapons from under his armor and open fired on the protoypes. Aphra, Syndulla and Sister Six then left Posla to face the swarm of prototypes alone.[2]

Posla survived the fight and returned to the others at the data core of Hivebase-1. He was now very traumatised from seeing his soulmate gunned down.[2] Aphra and the other two were eventually found and attacked by Commander Yewl and his troops and Posla remained at rest by one of the terminals. That's when Aphra put the final part of her plan into motion: she had bugged the control core of the flight school during their visit there to capture Hera. Therefore she used Rexa's old headset to control the ship to cling onto Hivebase-1 and rip the data core out with it's tracker beam. Meanwhile, the rest of the Tooka's escaped Aphra's crate where they roamed Hivebase-1 before detonating and destroying the complex.[8]

Double crossedEdit

"Madam General, this villain instructed me to rescue an infiltrator hiding in your air ducts whilst she distracted you"
"Posla, you rat. What're y--"
"Instead I have tranquilized the intruder. Here is her location data."
Magna Tolvan revealing Posla's location to Syndulla, whilst posing in his armour, and Aphra calling her a rat unintentionally[src]

Posla, Aphra, Sister Six and Syndulla made made it safely on board the flight school, where Hera pardoned them for what they did. However, Tolvan was still present on the flight school and Aphra told Posla to save her whilst she talked to Syndulla. Tolvan attacked Posla upon him finding her and took his armor as a disguise to get off the flight school. Tolvan then revealed Posla's location to the rebels as they left and the rebel soldiers were shocked to see it was Posla in the vents and not Tolvan. Aphra wasn't surprised to see Tolvan was in Posla's armor and they kissed as they left the system.[8]

Resuming the huntEdit

"I know he escaped Jedha. I know he was in a scuffle on Tatooine. I know he infiltrated a biofarm on Thannt. But the trail's been cold a month. His ego's never kept him off-grid this long. I conclude he's either dead--or incarcerated."
―Tam Posla, on Evazan's whereabouts[src]

After the betrayal, Posla found out Aphra's orchestration in Bog's death and swore to slowly cut her heart out when he found her again. But until then, Posla resumed his long halted search for Cornelius Evazan. Posla found out about the man's scuffle on Tatooine and how his subordinate, Ponda Baba, had lost his arm. Posla managed to obtain the arm of the Aqualish thug and put it into a jar. He also learned of Evazan's infiltration of a biofarm on Thannt. However, Evazan's trail ran cold and after a month, Posla had ended up killing five informants for information purposes, kicking a sixth informant to death, for lying about Evazan's whereabouts, on the four-hundred and twentieth day of the hunt. Posla knew that Evazan's ego never kept him off the grid for this long so he had to assume that the man was either dead of incarcerated. So he began scanning Imperial custodial facilities in the hopes of a positive ID. On the four-hundred and twenty-first day of the hunt, he was floating around in deep space aboard his ship and he updated his log, explaining his recent findings and general knowledge on Evazan, he stated that he would adopt a less hands on strategy temporarily to reduce the deaths of his informants.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I am an instrument of justice, not murder"
―Tam Posla refusing to attack the prototypes at Hivebase-1[src]
Bog Posla and Stormtrooper

Posla and Caysin refused to kill a running stormtrooper saying he hadn't broken any law

Tam Posla was a dedicated lawman,[2] having received an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate.[1] He chased Doctor Cornelius Evazan to the point where his Superior officer took his badge. By that time, Posla was already too attached to the case and continued to chase Evazan. His investigations on Jedha led him to meet Caysin Bog, one of Evazan's victims. Posla and Bog fell in love and turned to being bounty hunters in order to fund their hunt for Evazan.[2]

Posla cared very much for the rights of individuals. He refused to kill anything that wasn't on his contract or hadn't broken the law. When a stormtrooper was getting away on Skako Minor, Posla let the soldier go as they were only following orders and hadn't broken any law. Posla also refused to help Chelli Lona Aphra when they were under attack from the Chthonic worm god as it wasn't part of his contract to do so. Although Posla made exceptions when harm came to his Bog, such as when the Chthonic worm god attacked the Cyborg, prompting Posla to attack the beast with his cybernetic rocket launchers.[6] Posla also used his weapons at Hivebase-1 when a swarm of prototypes gunned down Caysin Bog. Posla faced off with the army of rejected projects and when he returned to Aphra and Sister Six,[2] he was left traumatized from Bog's death.[8]

After Aphra betrayed Posla,[8] he found out her involvement in Bog's and swore to cut her heart out slowly when he found her again. Until then he decided to continue his long craved hunt for Evazan, whom he now hated more than anyone in the galaxy. During the hunt, his madness for finding Evazan led him to killing six informants, kicking the sixth to death for lying to him. After killing the sixth informant, Posla realized that it may not have been the best choice and decided to adjust to a less hands on strategy. Posla became very deviant following Bog's death and it led him to slashing his left forearm on the four-hundred and twenty-first day of the hunt.[5]


Tam Posla covered his face with a black and white colored helmet marked with the symbol of the Milvayne Authority and equipped with a targeting array on an articulated stalk. He wore a brown padded jerkin and gray pants as well as black shoulder pads and brown gloves. He kept his Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate in a patch pocket on his pants and on his belt he carried a portable scanner array in a Electromagnetic pulse proof pouch. While on Jedha he was armed with a black DL-17 blaster rifle modified with an extended magazine and equipped with a long strap. He also carried and a modified BlasTech Industries DH-17 blaster pistol.[1] Posla also owned a ship in which he conducted his hunt for Evazan from following the infiltration of Hivebase-1.[5]


"You've got more firepower in one pinky than the rest of us put together!"
Doctor Aphra describing the firepower Tam Posla possesses[src]

His helmet was attached to the cybernetics on his head.[2] Posla also bore many cybernetic enhancements throughout the rest of his body. The many features could be hidden under Posla's armor with his helmet being able to split in two to release a large gun out the top[2] and two rocket launchers[6] and a laser out the sides.[2] Posla also had rocket launchers tucked into his left knee and shoulders.[6] Further to them, Posla had a gun in his other knee and could semi-detach his hands to show two more guns with blades coming out of his knuckles. Furthermore, Posla had several more guns on his Torso and a twin gun on his right thigh.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tam Posla first appeared in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[9] which was released on December 16, 2016.[10] The film did not identify Posla,[9] but his name and back story was provided by Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, a reference book written by Pablo Hidalgo[1] and released on the same day as the film.[11] Posla later appeared with a larger role in Doctor Aphra 15: Remastered, Part II and has appeared in the following four issues in the story arc. During the arc Posla was portrayed as homosexual, having a relationship with Caysin Bog.[3] In April 2018, Posla appeared in the official trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story[12] before making his forseen appearance in the movie in May 2018.[4] Posla returned to the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra series in Doctor Aphra 22: The Catastrophe Con, Part III where he was portrayed as a now deviant individual, being shown to slash his left forearm.[5]



Notes and referencesEdit