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"We know who you are Posla. Milvayne's most celebrated lawman. Gone rogue when the imperials wouldn't let you do your job."
―A rebel officer contemplating Polsa's past during his visit to the rebel flight school

Tam Posla was an interstellar lawman representing the Milvayne Authority who investigated claims of kidnapping, forced servitude, and surgical alteration of victims from the desert moon of Jedha, which resembled a rash of crimes on Milvayne attributed to a pair of visiting spacers using the suspected aliases of "Roofoo" and "Sawkee." Though taken off the case by his superior officer, Posla voyaged well beyond his jurisdiction and, determined to bring the criminals to justice, became a bounty hunter. He carried a modified BlasTech Industries DL-17 blaster rifle.[1]


Chasing Dr.EvazanEdit

Tam Posla was a lawman of the Milvayne Authority, a law enforcement agency based on Milvayne. He worked on a case involving a series of crimes on Milvayne including kidnapping, forced servitude and surgical alteration, all thought to have been carried out by a pair of visitors to the world using the aliases Roofoo and Sawkee; in reality the criminals Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba.[1]

Posla was taken off the case by his superior officer but learned of a similar string of crimes taking place in the streets of Jedha City on the moon Jedha. Determined to bring justice to the pair, Posla traveled well outside his jurisdiction and became a bounty hunter in order to track the duo down on Jedha.[1]

Mission to Skako MinorEdit

Aphras crew

Poslo along with the rest of the mercenaries hired by the Son-tuul Pride

Posla got into a relationship with one of the Decraniated servants of Evazan called Caysin Bog and some time later, they joined a crew of mercenaries. The team comprised of: archaeologist Chelli Lona Aphra, a Cyborg mercenary called Rexa Go, an Alderaanian called Rabael Dir Glorio, a Skakoan called Hallio Bas, a 1st gen Droideka called Dek, a former Isopter death cult member called Sister Six and a female Defel named Glahst Omera. They were hired by the Son-tuul Pride, which had recently come under the influence of 0-0-0 and BT-1, and were tasked with going to Skako Minor to find information about 0-0-0's origins in the Techno Union. But 0-0-0's first order was to leave one of the mercenaries behind, so Aphra left Rabael to faced approaching imperial forces. They arrived at Skako Minor and got to the abandoned facility, but Hallio had turned them in to imperials and they found themselves surrounded by stormtroopers. Aphra gave Hallio the Tooka she had with her and said a code word which detonated it and killing Hallio and the imperials around him.[2]

Aphra had another Tooka in their big box of which Posla and the others thought carried booze. A stormtrooper attempted to run from them and Posla and Caysin wanted to chase it. But Glahst got the stormtrooper as it entered the tree line. The team entered the abandoned facility and found a room full of machines and artifacts. They searched the place but were soon stopped by Magna Tolvan as she flew in with her troopers on a Delta-class T-3c shuttle. They open fired but soon realised that the big machine in the middle of the room was alive. It attacked them all and Aphra asked Caysin to use his bayonet to stab at it. But Posla stopped him saying it was not part of the contract. Aphra threw the second Tooka at the machine and detonated it with the code word, briefly stopping the machine from attacking. It then chased Aphra and Tolvan and trapped them in a small space.[3]

With it distracted, Rexa opened fired with her heavy machine gun. Other members of the team considered saving Aphra but Posla reminded them it was not part of their contract. Sister Six realised that the machine was attacking Caysin. Posla launched missiles from his armour at the machine and rescued Caysin. Dek then shot a hole in the Machine and it's fluid fell on one of the surviving stormtroopers. The confused trooper shot with his rocket launcher at the machine and killed it. After defeating the Machine, the team began looting the place. Rexa found Aphra with Tolvan, who Aphra kissed minutes before, and Aphra killed Rexa to save Tolvan. They then finished looting and left but Posla wondered there Rexa was. Aphra said it didn't matter. They left Skako Minor with rough information on 0-0-0's origins.[3]

Capturing Hera SyndullaEdit

"We have a plan. It's foolproof"
―Posla explaining to Hera Syndulla that they have a plan to get into Hivebase-1[src]

The next key to finding 0-0-0's past was his memories which were stored in Hivebase-1 the R&D hub of the Tarkin Initiative. Posla and the others went to the rebel flight school (a re-purposed Lucrehulk-class battleship) where Hera Syndulla was training Rebel pilots. Glahst slipped away as they left the hanger. The Officer greeting them thought they were signing up. However, Poslo made it clear that they weren't signing up and he attempted to make an proposal to Hera. Realising they were mercenaries, she had them arrested and put them into cells. However, Glahst came back to them through the vent but and arrived at Aphra's cell revealing herself to be Magna Tolvan in Glahst's skin. Aphra was horrified to think she would skin Glahst. Tolvan pointed her gun at Aphra but Dek, who was on low power before, sprung to life and shocked her. Tolvan shot her blaster, hitting the generator to the shield that detaining them and freeing the band of mercenaries.[4]

The alarms sounded and Posla and but the others stayed put as they didn't want to ruin the plan by angering the rebels. Hera noticed this and offered them to leave on their ship. But Aphra, Posla and Caysin explained that they knew how to get into Hivebase-1 and all they needed was their help. Hera was willing to listen to this but when Posla was about to explain it, Caysin launched guns out of his compartment. Sister Six caught them and stunned all of the rebels in the room in a matter of seconds. Posla was confused to what they were doing but soon realised they were kidnapping Hera. But he was still furious as he thought their plan would be more honourable than this. Caysin tried to explain why they didn't tell him but he wasn't having any of it and Aphra almost left him behind as the reinforcements closed in. They flew out of the flight school and Aphra got onto the next bit of their plan. She got a transmitter from the others and used it to contact an Imperial officer from Hivebase-1, asking for his superior. When the man asked her business with his superior Aphra said she wanted to make a trade.[4]


Tam Posla covered his face with a black and white colored helmet marked with the symbol of the Milvayne Authority and equipped with a targeting array on an articulated stalk. He wore a brown padded jerkin and gray pants as well as black shoulder pads and brown gloves. He kept his Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate in a patch pocket on his pants and on his belt he carried a portable scanner array in a Electromagnetic pulse proof pouch. While on Jedha he was armed with a black DL-17 blaster rifle modified with an extended magazine and equipped with a long strap.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tam Posla first appeared in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[5] which was released on December 16, 2016.[6] The film did not identify Posla,[5] but his name was provided by Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, a reference book written by Pablo Hidalgo[1] and released on the same day as the film.[7]



Notes and referencesEdit