The Tamack was a poisonous fungus native to the Ho'Din colony Anemcoro.

The Tamack contained microscopic spores which, when released, were extremely dangerous and infectious. When released, tamack spores remained active for thirty minutes without a living host. The infamous Ho'Din terrorist Ort Hoogra-D'En was able to modify the spores to be infectious for three hours without a host, increasing their effectiveness.

Symptoms of tamack spore disease included shortness of breath and high temperature. Death typically occurred within hours of infection. The spores could infect by contact with skin or by being inhaled. Anyone infected was contagious and could infect anyone within a dozen meters.

Tamack spores were only found on Anemcoro and were extremely rare following that planet's devastation. They could only be found on Pallaxides, where Hoogra-D'En was able to plant viable specimens for study and later bio-weapon production.