"But sometimes-- when you believe in something enough-- you do it anyway."
"E-even if everyone else says you can't...? That it's impossible...?"
"Maybe especially then."
―Leia Organa and Tammia Hollusen[src]

Tammia Hollusen, also known as Tammi, was a Human female who, in her youth, lived and worked for the Galactic Empire on Metalorn. She aided in Princess Leia Organa's escape from Orman Tagge. Tammi planted a single flower on Metalorn to show the first seeds of rebellion to the Empire.

Hollusen eventually joined the Peace Brigade, but ultimately left the group. Hollusen had become the leader of Metalorn by 32 ABY, when Leia Organa Solo returned to the planet to conduct peace negotiations with Hollusen.[1]

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