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The Tammuz-an royal scepter returns to its rightful owner.

The royal scepter of Tammuz-an was the ultimate symbol of the ruler of Tammuz-an and also an energy weapon. Without it, no one could rule as King of Tammuz-an. According to Tammuz-an custom, whoever presented the royal scepter to the Keeper of the Tower at the time of the first sun of the equinox would become the rightful ruler of Tammuz-an.

Approximately 15 years before the Battle of Yavin, Zatec-Cha, a vizier, claimed the throne of Tammuz-an after mind-wiping the Crown Prince, Mon Julpa. But Sollag, a loyal servant to Mon Julpa, had taken the scepter off-planet. He gave it back to its rightful owner and Mon Julpa eventually became King of Tammuz-an.

The royal scepter doubled as an energy weapon, with abilities such as shooting energy waves and producing beams of light with a simple movement of its wielder.



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