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The Tampion was a fleet shuttle in the Combined Defense Forces of the New Republic. It was sent to ferry Commodore Han Solo from Coruscant to the Endurance-class fleet carrier Intrepid, which was stationed at the periphery of the Koornacht Cluster, so that Han Solo could take command of the New Republic Fifth Battle Group and defend the New Republic from the danger of the Yevetha.

However, in the capture of the Tampion, the Tampion and her escort of the eight Recon-Xs of New Republic Fifth Battle Group's Bravo Flight were interdicted 91 light-years from the Koornacht Cluster by the Interdictor Star Dreadnaught Imperator. The Tampion and her escorts were hit by a thick barrage of ion cannon fire, and the Yevetha used an Aramadia-class thrustship to tractor in the disabled Tampion, and boarded it.

The pilot of the Tampion, Captain Sreas, was killed by a blaster bolt. Han Solo and the engineer of the fleet shuttle, Lieutenant Barth, surrendered without a fight, knowing the odds were hopeless. They were then captured and sent to N'zoth.



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