Tanda Pryl was the captain of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Thunderflare which was part of Moff Villis Andal's fleet in the Elrood sector. She had a great rivalry with Akal Zed, captain of the Stalker.


During the period between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth, Captain Tanda Pryl was an attractive woman in her late thirties. She had blond hair that she wore in a large braid down her back and had brilliant cobalt blue eyes. Tanda came from a privileged family which taught her the subtle art of manipulating and influencing people. Her father's influence ensured that she was accepted into the Naval academy, although it was her ability that allowed for her meteoric rise through the ranks.[1]

Captain Pryl's Star Destroyer was reasigned to Darth Vader's Death Squadron for the Battle of Endor. Pryl survived the battle but refused to obey the new fleet commander, Gilad Pellaeon, after the battle. She decided to return in the Elrood sector with her ship.[2]

Tanda was Force-sensitive in addition to her other gifts and believed that they were often found on backwater worlds.[1]



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