Tango was a Cargo ferry used by Airam forces lead by Clan leader Tamaron during the Galactic Civil War.


When the Rebel Alliance helped rescue the personal of Deep Space Manufacturing Facility Gallofree from two Star Destroyers, Tamaron agreed to replenish the Alliance's Warhead supply in gratitude.

The meeting was to take place in his Asteroid Base Attila in the Kuras Drift. Tango, along with sister ship Charlie and Corvette Ignat and modified corvette Tondar were present with warheads in their cargo. The Alliance sent cargo ferries Orrian and Lundi and MC40a light cruiser Condor to pick up the Warheads with X-wings from Rogue and Gold Squadron to patrol the area and provide support if needed.

Sure enough T-wings from Rival clan leader and collaborator with the Empire Ilay arrived unscheduled and soon began to attack the base. After the T-wings were destroyed Assault Gunboats and Star Destroyer Wasp arrived to disrupt operations. However both Squadrons held the Imperials forces long enough for the transactions to be completed and Tango along with the other Airam ships jumped to Hyperspace.