"Is anyone out there...? Could you help? I seem to be... ah... doomed."
―Tanis Venn[src]

Tanis Venn was a wraid hunter from Tatooine.


Little is known about the early life of Tanis Venn. It was known that he was a former smuggler. After a friend of his crossed Sith Space and got stripped of everything, Tanis turned to hunting on Tatooine in pursuit of a less dangerous occupation. He used K-X12 battle droids to hunt and for protection, an action that earned him the contempt of other hunters, in particular Komad Fortuna, for the lack of sport in it and the damage it did to the wraid population as he had to kill a large amount of Wraid just to keep maintenance. Tanis was also married to a woman named Marlena which was against the warnings of her mother, and eventually she grew tired of his philandering ways and rigged his battle droids to explode if he moved, while he was in the middle of the Dune Sea. The choice of death by explosion or dehydration turned out not to be an issue, however, as Revan was able to fix the droids and rescue Tanis.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tanis Venn was a shameless womanizer, which earned the ire of Marlena. It would also suggest that he was also lazy with his work as he made his wife repair his droids and clean up his messes rather than him doing it himself. He didn't care if he could end up killing off of the entire population of Wraid saying: "When that resource goes belly up, I'll just move on. I'm just a wandering spirit, I guess."

Behind the scenesEdit

There is no definite Light Side option regarding this sidequest. It is possible to free Tanis and get a reward in credits, make him swear to give up using battle droids, or to simply leave Tanis to die.

If the player is female then Tanis will flirt with her in the Hunting Lodge, calling the player "darling". This can result in Zaalbar growling at him, Carth Onasi to react poorly, telling him to "talk to her with a bit of respect in your voice or you end this conversation, minus a few teeth". Jolee Bindo on the other hand will Force Persuade him into just answering your questions.

When you offer assistance to Tanis trapped in the Dunes you get a number of quotes from certain party members. Bastila Shan at first suggests leaving Tanis to his fate, which seems out of character for Shan, which Tanis also comments on and then she takes it all back and suggests to congratulate Marlena. HK-47 suggests blasting him. If T3-M4 is with the player, Tanis could ask the player to get it to help him, only to get an unflattering response. If Jolee is with you he could suggest programming them to do a tap dance. Carth Onasi suggests to help him.


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