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"Tank? Is that the best they can throw at us?"
Rys, during the Mission to Rugosa[src]

An Armored Assault Tank

Tanks were armored cavalry ground assault vehicles that were capable of extreme mobility thanks to their tracks, or a repulsorlift. Used by armies as part of armored cavalry units, they were designed for front-line combat as well as intimidation. They typically boasted large laser cannons mounted on turrets or other powerful anti-vehicle weaponry, and were heavily armored to protect the troops operating the weapons and the propulsion systems inside.[1]

The Trade Federation,[2] InterGalactic Banking Clan,[3] Corporate Alliance,[4] Umbaran Militia,[5] Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems,[3] Galactic Empire,[6] and Alliance to Restore the Republic all manufactured or deployed tanks in some capacity.[7]

Types of tanks included:



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