Governor Tann Starpyre was an elderly male Human and a member of the Diet of Imperial Planetary Governors.


After the final death of Palpatine's clones in 11 ABY, Starpyre became a member of Carnor Jax's Interim Ruling Council. Unlike most other members of the Council, Starpyre's presence was not due to his helping in Jax's coup, it was to create an illusion of representative democracy on the Council (through his membership in the Diet) in order to stave off further revolts against Imperial rule. As a result, other Councilors did not like his presence, although they tolerated it.

Starpyre was worried about the possibility of Whiphid bodyguards defecting and killing high up officers within the Galactic Empire. He was imprisoned by Xandel Carivus when he disbanded the council to rule as Emperor.

Following Carivus' death, he was taken into New Republic custody.



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