This landspeeder (which was later referred to as the Tantive-IV or Tantive-4 landspeeder) was a repulsorlift vehicle carried aboard the CR90 corvette Tantive IV during the Galactic Civil War. It could carry a total of eleven beings, two of which were presumably the vehicle's pilots.

Princess Leia Organa and the crew of the Tantive IV used this speeder during a mission to Ralltiir three weeks prior to the Battle of Yavin. They were able to smuggle Basso onboard the Tantive IV by hiding him aboard the landspeeder and evading Darth Vader's scrutiny.


A replica of the Tantive IV landspeeder

By 1 ABY, replicas of the speeder began showing up in the galaxy. Both the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire awarded the speeders to soldiers who had proven their allegiance during the Remembrance Day/Empire Day celebrations of that same year. The replicas were only capable of carrying eight passengers including the driver.

An advanced version was later produced and sold.

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The Tantive IV landspeeder appears as a reward in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided for participating in the Empire Day/Remembrance Day festivities of 2009. It, along with the improved Empire Day, was added to the game with Game Update 11 on June 23, 2009.



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