Taradon was a Corellian Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order around the founding of the Galactic Republic.


A Jedi Master from Corellia, Taradon was a skilled Jedi ace pilot who served the Jedi Order for a century. He trained alongside the Rodian Deelguh as a Padawan during their adolescence. Wielding a sword and blaster in combat, Taradon was most at home in the cockpit of a starfighter, bringing dozens of criminals to justice along the hyperlanes. Piloting six different starfighters and gunboats in his career, Taradon would drop out of hyperspace and destroy his enemies with quick precision on behalf of the Jedi High Council and the Force. Creating a device that was omnicompatible with starfighter designs, Taradon's Helm became a legendary device that augmented Taradon's already considerable skills using crystalline technology that imbued it with the Force.[1]

Taradon's last mission took him to Ilum in defense of its stores of Adegan crystals, which were under threat from the turn-coat Jedi Deelguh. Seeking to bring his former friend to justice, Taradon recognized Deelguh as his equal and decided to pilot his craft into the Rodian's, bringing them both to a fiery end. While his ship was never recovered, Jedi investigating the crash were able to recover flight logs transmitted by Taradon's ship and discovered an unidentifiable surge of energy from the ship. Jedi scholars theorized that the Helm had sought to protect its master, though others argued the Helm would not have disobeyed a command.[1]


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