Taraloon was an uncharted planet that served as base of operations of the pirate, Drek Drednar and his crew, who had built a base there. Native to the planet were the reptilian Gornalak.

Located deep inside the Quintar Nebula, Taraloon's existence had remained unknown since the beginning of the history of the galaxy. It was discovered by accident by Drek Drednar, who escaped into the nebula, being chased by an Imperial Star Destroyer called the Annihilator. Successfully hiding in the nebula, Drednar and his crew stumbled upon the small planet.

The world was covered with plateaus and canyons. When exploring it, Drednar and his crew discovered that it also had a vast subterranean system of tunnels and large caves with underground lakes, rivers and vegetation as well as some fauna, including the Gornalak. Drednar deemed this planet the perfect hiding place for a pirate such as himself and established a base there.

While the surrounding nebula would normally be extremely dangerous to navigate through, it was no problem for the uncanny skills of Drednar's astronavigator Tron Nixx to plot save courses through.

The planet was named in honor of Nixx who hailed from Corlass, "taraloon" being the Corlassi term for "hidden treasure".


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