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A conflict broke out between the Tarc species and the Naval forces of the Galactic Empire soon after the two came into contact. The Tarc's fiercely isolationist control[1] of their twenty colonized systems[2] led their navy, known as the Ivlacav Gourn, to attack Imperial vessels entering Tarc controlled space. This led to a number of skirmishes in all of which the Tarc were victorious. The Imperial Moff supposedly in control of the Tarc's region of space was Joss Leskwin and after the several Imperial losses he put together a large force able to confront the Tarc Navy. The Iyra xenobiologist Tem Eliss, believed this would drag the species into a full scale long term war with the Empire, a battle the Tarc couldn't win. Some Tarc on their homeworld of Hjaff spoke of seeking aid from the Alliance to Restore the Republic against the Empire, although they had little political power or support.[1]

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The Tarc-Imperial conflict was first mentioned in the West End Games Roleplaying game series of supplement books, the Star Wars Adventure Journals in which it appeared in the fourteenth issue as part of the Alien Encounters article series. The article including conflict was written by Trevor J. Wilson and Craig Robert Carey and published in 1997. Some of the information from the article, including the mention of the conflict, was then republished in Alien Encounters another West End Games supplement book released in 1998 which included reduced versions of all previous Alien Encounter articles collected together by Jen Seiden.


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