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A species of primitive sea-dwelling creatures evolved on the planet of Hjaff with in the Colonies. Originally living in the planets oceans the species was eventually forced to move onto land. Once on the land the species gradually moved further away from their original ocean home as they evolved, moving deeper into their homeworlds large desert regions. In the deserts the species would eventually evolve into the sentient Tarc species.[1]

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The species was first mentioned but not named in the fourteenth issue of the Star Wars Adventure Journal series of supplement books in the Alien Encounters article series, the article including the species was written by Trevor J. Wilson and Craig Robert Carey and published in 1997. Some of the information from the article was then republished in Alien Encounters another West End Games supplement book released in 1998 which included reduced versions of all previous Alien Encounter articles collected together by Jen Seiden.


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