"It's small. I don't see any bacta storage areas or or barracks facilities. What is it?"
"A school.
"School? You mean a training academy?"
"No, a school for children."
Kirtan Loor and Fliry Vorru, discussing the contents of "target.die"[src]

"Target.die" was an electronic document containing a schematic of an unidentified children's school located on the planet of Coruscant in 6 ABY.

In addition to detailing the school's architectural features, this document highlighted the structure's stress points and contained a list of matériel that would be required to destroy it. Within a month and a half of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's capture of Coruscant, Fliry Vorru, the leader of the Imperial Center People's Militia, presented this document to Kirtan Loor, head of the Palpatine Counter-Insurgency Front.

Loor initially balked at the prospect of attacking a school, but Vorru convinced him to carry out the deed. A week after the meeting between Loor and Vorru, the school was bombed by the PCF. Shortly after the bombing, an unidentified individual claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened more to come if the trial of Tycho Celchu continued.