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«It is my pleasure to be assigned to the Sith ruins, to study their past and unearth new relics.»
―Tariga to Revan[src]

Tariga was a male Human from the Outer Rim Territories who spoke Ryl rather than Basic as his native tongue. He was a student at the Sith Academy on Korriban 3956 BBY. When Revan had found the Star Map he was searching for on Korriban and killed Uthar Wynn, the master of the academy, Tariga turned on Revan, like the other students and guards, when Revan entered the Sith Academy. However, they were all killed by the former Dark Lord.

Behind the scenesEdit

Even though Tariga is male, Tamlen refers to Tariga as "she." This may either be an error or Tariga was originally intended to be a female.


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