"You have to try this Tarisian ale. It's fantastic. We should have conquered this planet ages ago."

Tarisian ale was an extremely strong alcoholic beverage brewed on Taris. It was one of the planet's main exports. The ale was made from the glands of a tach, and because of the need for Tach gland, there were substantial imports of tach glands from Kashyyyk. Consuming just one was enough to intoxicate, or even incapacitate, inexperienced drinkers; or even experienced drinkers who were having their first Tarisian ale.

Perhaps for that reason, it was popular amongst the Sith troops who occupied Taris during the Jedi Civil War. The drink ceased to be produced after the planetary bombardment of Taris in 3956 BBY, due to the fact that few off-worlders knew the secret of how to make it, although Griff Vao claimed to have the recipe, and hoped to monopolize the drink after Taris was destroyed. Many of the Sith that purchased this drink may have used it as a way to forget the pressures of Sith life at the Barracks in the Tarisian military base which was described as "boring" by several of the Sith that worked there.

By 40 ABY Tarisian ale made a reappearance.


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