"This city lives for sport."
―Baron Tarko to Starkiller[src]

Tarko-se was a bridge city on the planet Cato Neimoidia, known for its recreational facilities. Along with the capital city Zarra, Tarko-se was one of the largest cities on the planet.


Merillion Tarko

Baron Merillion Tarko, ruler of Tarko-se

Before and during the Clone wars, Tarko-se was one of the wealthiest and most important cities on the planet.

After the end of the Clone Wars and the dissolution of the Trade Federation, the Empire occupied the city. From then on, the city was owned by Baron Merillion Tarko, who operated many casinos and bars on Tarko-se, including the Infinite Nebstar Casino. But Tarko's main and greatest attraction was his famous Tarko-se Arena. Rebel general Rahm Kota was held prisoner in the city during his reign. When Starkiller, a clone of Galen Marek, arrived to rescue Kota, he was forced to fight his way from the eastern bridge to the western bridge of the city. After locating Kota inside the city's arena, Baron Tarko released the Gorog creature, ignoring his own servants' warnings about the integrity of the arena structure.

After a long battle with the Gorog, Starkiller sent most of the arena falling to the surface below. Starkiller then assisted Kota in defeating Tarko's stormtrooper guards, thus leaving the Baron defenseless. When Tarko was about to surrender, the Gorog grabbed him out of the observation booth and devoured him. After his death, the rest of the arena caved in, and the Gorog fell to its doom.


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