"The only way to be a successful criminal was to commit a crime nobody knew about. It didn't have to be perfect—simply one that couldn't be traced to your door."
―Tarnese Bleyd[src]

Tarnese Bleyd was a male Sakiyan who served as an Admiral of the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars.


In 20 BBY, Bleyd had became involved in a Black Sun plot to smuggle the wonder drug known as bota off the planet Drongar while he was in command of the medical ship MedStar Nineteen. He had done so in an attempt to earn back his clan's honor, which had been lost when his pride-father, Tarnese Lyanne, was double-crossed by Shiltu the Hutt, a Black Sun Vigo.

Bleyd killed a Black Sun operative named Mathal when he attempted to play both sides against one another. He encased the body within carbonite, placed the slab aboard a ship and launched it into the Separatist forces. He was eventually murdered by the Nediji Black Sun operative Kaird in return.



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