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Tarrak was a Deep Space Manufacturing Facility under the ownership of Nami Crime Lord Ali Tarrak.


The manufacturing facility was modified and retrofitted to produce TIE Defenders after Ali Tarrak managed to steal a prototype, Proto 11 and, with the help of rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin arranged the Chief scientist of the project to be delivered to her.

With the facility complete she arranged a demonstration to the Rebel Alliance the power of the TIE Defenders in the Yrrna system.

Then, Admiral Thrawn was assigned to police and bring this proliferation attempt under control. To that end, he developed a new starfighter, the Missile Boat as his Trump card. After its first official mission the Missile Boat, piloted by Tan Maarek Stele was sent as part of Thrawn's assault on the facility. The defenses, which consisted of T-wings, Y-wings, TIE Defenders and a minefield, the facility was overwhelmed. As the shields started to fall, Tarrok abandoned the factory in a YT-1300 transport Dhoora with the scientist, but was captured and taken to Coruscant. The facility was destroyed, bringing the threat of TIE Defender proliferation under Imperial Control.