Tarson Kestrel was a male Human who lived during the reign of the New Republic. Along with fellow Human Sundro Tam, Kestrel acted as one of the leaders of a band of spice raiders that where hired by the Hutt crime lord Mika Anjiliac Chiera to transport shipments of spice to the planet Varl, where Mika converted the spice into Tempest—a more potent variety of the drug. In 19 ABY, Kestrel set out aboard the freighter Barabi Run on a standard assignment to ship a cargo of spice to Varl, but after the vessel departed from hyperspace in the vicinity of the world Rhilithan, it was captured by the Corporate Sector Authority vessels Resolute and Vigilance. The CSA imprisoned Kestrel and his crew, and requisitioned the Barabi Run for use on a CSA assignment.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kestrel was a ruthless individual, with a fatalistic outlook on life, and he would rather die while fighting than flee from combat and escape.