Tarzen Tagge was a Human male crime lord from the planet Tepasi who lived during the time of the Galactic Republic.


In 200 BBY, Tagge used a fleet of freighters to render aide to a part of Tepasi that had been damaged by groundquakes, and he came to be regarded as a hero by the world's inhabitants. During the reconstruction effort on Tepasi, Tagges established the Tagge Company, a construction company which he used as a front for a smuggling operation. The company was a success and within a few decades, it was competing on a galactic scale, and TaggeCo's suppliers were soon struggling to meet the company's demand for construction materials. At the suggestion of his brother Halven, Tagge attempted to locate and mine resources, to grant TaggeCo its own supply chain, and he eventually received permission to explore a large group of planets that the Republic had set aside for corporate development. The industries started by Tagge and Halven sparked a boom on Tepasi and the grateful Tepasi government gifted Tarzen with a chain of islands, which were accompanied by a hereditary barony.


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